Selfie with your diploma increases risk of fake diplomas

fake diploma

Selfie with your diploma increases risk of fake diplomas

fake diplomaGraduation season is an important moment for students. They rejoice by taking pictures and sharing them on social media to celebrate. However, behind this joy, fraudsters are lurking and targeting their pictures.

Jisc, a UK-based non-profit educational digitalization company, warns university graduates to refrain from posting selfies with their diplomas on social media because the latest certificate design can be imitated by counterfeiters.

“We’re expecting to see a rise in pictures of degree certificates posted on social media as these will be the only tangible mark of achievement for many graduates this year. This period marks the end of years of hard work, so we understand that the urge to share certificates will be strong, but the risks of fraud are high,” Jisc wrote.

From these photos, fraudsters can copy logos, signatures, holograms, symbols, and wordings easily. Diploma mills are rampant as making fake diplomas is one click away and easily traded online.

In Indonesia, fake diplomas are widely circulated and traded online. The latest case is that of an unscrupulous advocate using an alleged fake diploma from a law degree program of a public university in Tangerang. He uses the diploma to profiteer, cheat, extort clients, and attend master courses at the university.

The Indonesian government has required universities to provide a National Diploma Numbering (PIN) for every diploma issued and register it in the database of the Directorate General of Higher Education of the Ministry of Education and Culture. The purpose is to verify the authenticity of the diploma.


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