Book Review: Digital Brand Protection

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Book Review: Digital Brand Protection

digital brand protectionDigital Brand Protection is a must-read for rightsholders, content creators, investigators, influencers, or anyone who operates in the digital economy, looking for tactics to prevent intellectual property infringement in the digital world.

Online platforms provide businesses with unparalleled prospects for growth. However, as companies become more visible online, they are more vulnerable to IP infringement, anti-competitive behavior, and hijacking by cybersquatters, phishers, and fraudsters.

This book, written by Steven Ustel, is divided into five parts to highlight the wide variety of abilities required for digital brand protection. According to the author’s social media account, Steven Ustel himself is an investigator of counterfeiting & piracy. 

Part one of this book provides the strategic foundation of digital brand protection. Part two begins with an introduction to help rightsholders grasp the fundamentals, including a specific discussion of websites that primarily engage in large-scale copyright infringement.

Part three covers platforms, including social networks, marketplaces, mobile environments, and search engines. In the digital economy, we now rely on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, Alibaba, etc. This chapter also provides case studies on IP infringement on the platforms. 

Part four discusses research and monitoring. This part covers methods to unearth vital clues along in the investigations. Part five provides the intelligence model, filling the gap between the strategic approach to brand protection and the investigative framework.

Overall, the book is easy to read even though each part is broad and packed with up-to-date information and examples.

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